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Worldwide Airlines Representatives Ltd, founded in 1983,  has a proven track record and experienced staff  in assisting airlines and customers operating to Malta's International Airport at Luqa


The Company works to IATA standards as specified in their Airline Handling Manual - AHM 810 ANNEX A SECTION 13 Simplified VERSION and would therefore include the following services:

  • Check-in supervision

  • Ramp supervision

  • Catering

  • Gates

  • Delays and disruption

  • Passenger welfare

  • Liaison with the Airport authorities, the handling agent, and tour operators

  • Payments for third party services such as: handling, landing, parking, fuel, passenger airport service charges and similar services. We endeavour to obtain the best market price for services such as aviation fuel and catering.

Airline Representatives.  WARL represents a number of well-known schedule and charter airlines operating to Malta. Its experienced staff have served the Company for a number of hears and have been trained to international standards with regular in-house training and update courses abroad. The following are among the airlines represented or supervised:

  • British Airways

  • British World Airlines

  • Condor

  • Airtours plc

  • JMC

  • Sabre

  • Romavia

  • Eurowings

  • Lot Polish Airlines

  • Lauda

  • FTI

  • Fischer Air

  • Star Airlines

  • Croatian Airlines

  • Aero LLoyd

  • Air Belgium

  • Hunt & Palmer

  • IAG

  • Avioimpex

  • Swiss International

Executive Flights.  WARL handles the largest number of executive flights that land at Malta's international airport. We represent Universal Aviation of Houston, Texas, USA; and UVAir Fuel Services.

Our services are comprehensive and all necessary arrangements are made for:

  • Servicing of aircraft and care of crew

  • VIP Passengers welfare and all other special requirements


The basic service will include:

  • Refuelling services

  • Catering

  • Departure slots

  • Transport

  • Hotel accommodation

Tailor made services to accommodate specific client needs as required, the Company is well equipped to handle urgent and late requests typical of this line of business and will endeavor to give a prompt response in such situations. A special mobile telephone number is dedicated to this purpose. 


Passenger Check-In.   The Maltese Authorities have now liberalised the Passenger Handling Services. This has enabled WARL to continue to expand its airport services to include this area of activity. In its check-in services WARL will be able to use new modern equipment now being installed by the Malta International Airport Authority. Currently WARL already carried out through check-in for Lufthansa.

Airline Brokerage.   WARL also assists airline brokerage companies operating to Malta and supervises the entire operation during their aircraft turnaround in Malta. The service can also be extended to the organization of conference facilities and venues.                                                 

Cargo Flights.  Companies operating to Malta on a regular or occasional basis can be assured of a prompt and comprehensive service. WARL provides the following basic slots:

  • Handling slots

  • Loading and unloading supervision

  • Crew transfer and accommodation

  • Fuelling and catering arrangements

  • Container and pallet storage

  • Other special requirements requested by the airline can be arranged.










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